iRunSharePoint – Start SharePoint 2013 Workflow

Since SharePoint arrive to the world many times when us can build complex and scalable workflows always blow in your faces some strange limitation to starts workflows or capture events from another’s. In these situations SharePoint have restrictions to Start a SharePoint Workflows in a hierarchy or sequential way.

A lot of people preferred to buy some other software likes plugins or other alternatives to meet the business requirement’s in the SharePoint Platform, but how do you explain to the boss or customer that SharePoint can’t handle this scenario ?, after all its a common problem in process design.start-workflow-list-item

In older versions of SharePoint since 2007 appeared a restriction to handle this behaviors because a overheating problem in the SharePoint Timer Service, this is the main component that handle a lot of internal functions in SharePoint Platform and in the old Architecture was the runtime to manage SharePoint 2010 workflows.

Today and since the SharePoint 2013 version, Microsoft introduced a new standalone & modern engine to workflows that is capable to handle the business process in a more secure and scalable way based in Azure AppFabric, but I don’t know but with the same limitations in the older versions of the product when you need to do this.

To handle these scenarios  Microsoft has published how to Create a secondary workflow but only works in older versions of the product that I used to extended and find a solution in the new SharePoint versions.

The presented solution is easy, I build a SharePoint Designer 2013 Activity that trigger a  call to start another 2013 workflow, some people talked about this, but anyone has published a open source solution. After all it is a common problem, you can download it from CodePlex site, and available to SharePoint 2013/2016 on premises.

The solution can be called from another Systems from a REST/API protocol invoking the webservices directly in a more easy way, from a swagger tool or PowerApps.

If you need more info to install the component go here, or how you can use it here.

For more information about the combination of all types of workflow call capable, take a look of a implementation models for the solution provided, there many kind of models to take for your workflow chaining and cases of use it.


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